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During the recent difficulties surrounding Covid-19, we realised the difficulty in keeping your workplace clean and hygienic,  and now as we are all slowly working towards getting back into the workplace – we are trying to provide positive and effective solutions.
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Join businesses across the country in the fight against virus transmission

All of our Hand Sanitiser units are manufactured with durability and reliability in mind.


Our sanitising solutions offer your business with a professional look, demonstrating that you are completely committed to helping eradicate virus transmission. Offering your customers the option to sanitise before entering and when leaving your premises allows your customer to feel confident that their protection comes first.


Our stations boast key features, such as:
  • Handsfree, Foot Operation.
  • Huge 5 Litre Capacity.
  • Powder Coated and Stainless Steel Finish.
  • Free Standing.
  • Anti-theft Holes for Security.
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